Friday, 12 January 2018

How to Ruin All

I would say someone cariocou this song by saying it was about betrayal and affairs. See:

The lyrics:

So, it looks like it was the story of a romance, but Hollywoodians and others changed this song into horrible sin, betrayal, affair, and all else. See:

Travolta and Affair

This is what cariocas do: They ruin everything. Everything that is excellent, perfect, God's like, will still be like this song: A garbage of no dimension. Now it went from heavenly made and romantic to horrendous and public affair and scoff. There is only God indeed. For those who never believed my words to Trevor in 2001, yet heard, here is your wish: My infinitely perfect life, head, and body, infinitely priceless little family, me and my mother, my man, his family at most, all ruined. More than 16 years of idiots like J.S. and B.B., those who should never be in but were, guaranteeing that I cannot even fight whilst the worst world atrocities are practised against my being in First World Democracy. Once more, if anything, I am the Anti-Christ and will make sure human kind, this one, won't survive. There is nobody who let this happen to my organism not even for a second that should be left on earth, quite sincerely, who would say more than 16 years and those who are cops? The laws are out there for a very good reason: So that people never decide with their heads in matters that involve other people. We only have one life, one head, one body, one mother, one perfect moment, and all else. What is not missing is idiot. Unless the world were the world of The Empire, and everything were planned, including type of those who would be born, we would need to have authority that really works, that really believes the law, that does not hesitate in stopping atrocity and arresting all involved. Can only be a joke...



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