Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Mood and Interpretation

Not to be believed, today was the first time in my life that I understood why people use the sigmatoids mood and interpretation to refer to singing: Simply trying to sing the song of someone else already involves some acting and even some creation.

I was here puzzled with the fact that, for me, it was much easier to sing my own songs, the ones I created, than other people's songs, but everyone else tried to tell me that it should be the opposite, like copying should be much easier. 

I am now getting that, first of all, we must visualize a scene and go with it from beginning to end of the song in order to simply have harmony. This must not be the Harmony that I was once studying with my guitar teacher: It is another one. I refer to the way the music literally flows when you listen to it.

Funny thing: I thought that Brazil was pretty good at Music. My finding does match our intuition, mum's and mine: People who are more righteous should be more blessed also there. It also matches my observation: People who are more connected to God sing more beautifully. The Bible tells us that God chooses our leaders each, and every, time or so things should go for us to be happy here. God always chose the wisest and those with a pure heart and with a heart for Him. God wrote the book Have You Done Something Good for Someone Else Today? through my hands in that 2002, three days, four hours each day, and He told me that only those who were born speaking English should have access to the contents and I would have to be the vehicle and they would have to pay reasonable price to see me talking about it. He chose who I chose, and I, following mum, always prefer people who are closer to what God wants, to what we see in the Bible. 

I suffer all the atrocities that I suffer exclusively because of how demoniac Brazil and Brazilians are, quite sincerely. They would have to have inferior Science, Education, Arts, and all else. Some establishments, like my UNESA and my college, Catholic, would have to be exception: Not only do they align more with what people do in first world, but they are way more respectful of this world and other beings, and therefore God would have to bless them more. 

What a finding it is for me, quite sincerely: Singing DOES involve some acting and some instantaneous live creative and contemplative art. Singing involves even dancing, since you must use your imagination in a way to put your essence, so your psyche, to dance with whatever scenario you have created in your mind for that song. Wow! I am still in shock. 

The sounds of my own voice are way better in this way. Julie Andrews helps, but her Do-re-mi does not give us the tune for all and even takes us out of the tune because we then enter her teaching mood, I now know. I now know, and, when Marcia knows, Hamish, what happens? I know now.... . 

I hated my guitar classes completely, absolutely, and once the guitar broke and I ended up thinking it could have been my wishes, but like temporary ones, you know. I hate all that does not work, and those men were all absurdly incompetent, I now know. Jesus! The money my poor mother wasted on those people hoping that someday I would be a Barbara Streisand or something and she would like my tunes. I did my best to play her Roberto Carlos. The way she got around the fact that I really hated all and was relatively bad at it was singing on top of my playing. Thanks, mum, now I know one more. Jesus! Brazil is really bad for all that matters. Damn last world! And, as incredible as it may seem, it really sufficed that they never bothered me in Australia, like since at most 2000, and things would probably have gone the right way at most in 2002 or so it seems. We will see if I can prove what I am saying with better sounds in the near future. Please don't believe anyone who preaches something but cannot do it. That is definitely good advice, and came from Ghandi, as you can see in Have You Done Something Good for Someone Else Today? 



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