Monday, 18 April 2016

They Ruined It All

I have just watched some pieces of the Eurovision 2016, and I cannot believe what my eyes saw: In comparison to the version I had mentioned in one of my blogs recently, it is all really horrible.

I would think that Eurovision would be a vision of Europe, but it all now looks American: we don't see their languages, their culture, and we also do not see any art on the stage or on the songs. Almost all of them sound the same, basically. 

I found it all heinous. The guy who was going to present with the wolves and look like the best innovation on stage ever appeared with computers instead. I cannot believe they ruined even his hair. Ridiculous!

It seems to me that it was more complete, however, like I don't really know how many countries participated in the one that I have mentioned on a previous blog post, but this one seems complete, like all European countries are represented or something, and I think the other did not look like that. I have just found out that they had only 39 participants in the Eurovision 2015 (2015 Euro).


Here is the 2016 version: Euro

And here is the version I had mentioned in one of my blogs: 2015 

The other version that is interesting more because there was a huge injustice in terms of who won than anything else, is 2014



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