Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Little Mmm Thing

We notice that Julie Andrews, with whom lots of people learned how to sing, does the Mmm, right?

I noticed that Hamish, my beloved, also did that when singing to me (Oh, I just love when men sing or cook for me!). 

I then finally had the insight, the little inner light bulb, that told me to do that: If I do not sing as I should yet, it is at least a lot better and a lot more in harmony with what the others are doing. 

Basically, we have to make sure we do not force our vocal chords because otherwise we will lose them with time, first of all. On the other hand, our singing will not be as nice as it can be if we are not able to hold the notes, which is another item on which I seem to have just improved with the Mmm thing. 

We basically have to do Mmm, believe it or not, to find our right voice, which is the voice that does not make our vocal chords suffer in any variation of the necessary spectrum, like for the song we have in mind. 

I now learned how to practice the singing in terms of breath, I reckon: We should not cut off words, for instance. We then must try to find the right voice, the voice that will allow us not to do that. 

Everyone says that the instrument should accompany us, not the converse. I found it hard to believe until today. I still am not believing that 100%, to be sincere, given that I have just had one or two insights.. 

Perhaps we should aim at keeping the same voice, if that makes sense to you. I noticed that the voice varied less when I did what I am saying here, like instead of having a thin voice and then a thick one, I ended up having more uniformity, if that makes sense. 

I think that the methods of teaching how to sing are as catastrophic as the methods of teaching sports, splits, and how to play instruments, basically. 

I noticed that we are looking for a guttural sound when we are looking for our voice. The only teacher I had that referred to such a thing once when teaching me was my teacher of voice placement, basically: There is a special place where the voice should be coming from and this special place is inside of us. 

I feel that this place is more inside of our neck, however, like it is not really in the stomach, as some say it is. It is perhaps about vibration of vocal chords, so that we could effectively have machines telling us when we have gotten the right use of our vocal chords, I now believe. 

A little step ahead, but perhaps a meaningful one. 

The point about Julie: All of a sudden, when she is doing the doesn't make any sense part of the video with the kids, she does the Mmm to get the right note at the start of the stanza. 

People tend to tell us, especially music teachers, that good singing comes from emotions: I now don't think so. This is more like Science, actually: We look for better placements in the ribs cage, in the mouth, and in the throat, so that it is highly scientific, technical, and very little emotional. 

Emotion who is going to feel is those who listen to us, I reckon, if anyone. 

Lots of people consider singing and dancing something demoniac. Lots of songs and dances do incite promiscuity, sex without love, and even violence. 

We know that the Bible talks about harps and holy singing, but we also notice that if there is spiritual world, God, and others, they could not know all languages that there are on earth, so that it is quite possible that they learn what we say via combination of sounds, rather than via sigmatoids, like it is all like the singing of a bird for them or something. Rather than it being a representation of our love for God, it is a sacrifice, since singing right, beautifully, does give a lot of work. I was trying to do this one song today because it is something I sang my entire life as I grew up, and the nuns were always singing it with me at their church, and therefore I had a lot of emotional connection to it, but, even so, I could not get it to my satisfaction on the first, second or even third go. Yet, I was doing the Julie Andrews' thing, what I here suggest, and all. It all worked with other songs for me. I was also putting all my emotions to the task, and I had eyes shut and all. 

I felt absolutely exhausted after I thought I had gotten it right, as for my own ears. It is therefore a lot of sacrifice, a lot of pain, what is then matching the requests of God to us: sacrifices, pain, and others to show love for Him. 

I also think that love is sacrifice, for joy anyone may have. Those who deserve our friendship, our sex, our company in their intimacy would have to prove that they love us, that is, they would have to prove that they can sacrifice a lot for us, I reckon. 

God is no different, so that, in this sense, our God is a lot human. 



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